The Patriarch Said: “No, Son”

This is inspired by the famous Bollywood flick Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

The mother stood bewildered-no-shocked. Alarmed. The patriarch said “no” and that was that. Now the son wasn’t permitted in the house anymore. The son had betrayed the family, the family name, the family morals, the family traditions. The son had done the worst even though the patriarch had said “no.” The son wasn’t permitted in their lives anymore.


Get out of the house, son.
Married the maid’s daughter? What a joke, son.
Living under this roof? Me funding your MBA, your cricket games, your wife’s obsession with laddoos?
Me paying for your cheap thrills, her father’s pills, her cousin’s delivery bills?
No, son.


You’re out of your depth, son.
Her eating in the same plates that she washed twice a day?
And her sleeping on sheets she scrubbed every month?
Her blood running through your child, my glory grandson?
The heir born to household care, no way, son.


Get out of the house
Just walk away
Don’t look back
You’ve broken my heart
Broken your vows
Ripped apart
Whatever we had.


No, son.
You must go, son.
You’ve proven today
You never were
And never could be
Worthy of being
One of my own, son.

The mother is shocked-no-heartbroken. Crippled with grief.

But silent.

She thinks to herself: I wish you didn’t have to, son.


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