Fake Candid: A Lifestyle

There’s this new trend

Where you pose for a picture,

But call it candid

To deceive your Facebook friend.

Don’t you wonder

If people do the same outside of pictures?

Act the deer

To hide a blunder.

And don’t you think that when he smiles

In the picture before the orange tree,

He’s looking across the lens

Into the rainbow or the boy in pink?

Bilal wished he could do more than post pictures of his boyfriend on Facebook and Instagram, and caption them #Candid or #ModelShoot. He wanted to be honest to his audience. He longed to tell his 5k something followers that his photography account was more than a portfolio. It was a tribute to the love of his life. But why couldn’t he? Why couldn’t he wear pink in front of the lens? Why couldn’t he set the camera timer and, for once, be in the photograph next to the boy of his dreams? Wasn’t that what being candid really meant?

“Oye! Try this fake candid!” Nausher posed in front of the orange tree and called out to Bilal, putting on a bright smile.

Fake candid, Bilal laughed to himself. Fake candid indeed.


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