Going for the Wrong Guy

Earth had been watching him for a long time. His golden locks, his erratic temper, his fiery gaze. Her life had begun to revolve around him for as long as she could remember. She’d stroll the path closest to him but all she could manage to do was walk in circles. She couldn’t take it anymore.

“I don’t know what to do,” Earth fanned herself as she told Horizon about her problem. “I want to get closer to him but I cannot. And I know if I tried harder, I’d only get hurt.”

Horizon was her best friend. He was always around whenever she needed him. He meant a lot to her but after staring at Sun for so long, Earth had been blinded. She almost saw through Horizon without really seeing him. He was in love with her while she pined over another. But he was a good man. Horizon wanted Earth happy so he tried to arrange a meeting.

As a result of Horizon’s efforts, Earth got to be close to Sun everyday. She didn’t realize that she wasn’t really getting closer to him. Sun kept evading her. Up and down. She never could touch him. But from a particular angle, a flat out view, Earth seemed to meet Sun. To kiss him. And that was enough for her.

Horizon? It didn’t matter what happened to him. When Earth and Sun were together, no one looked at Horizon anyway. He was just a thin, invisible line between the two.


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